Random Thoughts

Quadri Jr. (Steadysoul)

Random thoughts’ is an anthology of random words that flows through the mind of the writer in different situations. Some parts of the book are telling stories of what happened at some point such as wild imaginations and personal life experiences forged from hope, pain, failures, heartbreak, healing, farewell, and moving on. The writer chose a simple language in writing this piece to help budding poetry enthusiast find a connection with the book and also nourish their interest in poetry and literature.

Ayuba Quadri Jr


The Poet


Ayuba Quadri Jr. (Steadysoul) hails from Ibadan, a city in the South Western Region of Nigeria, he is a lover of Art, Philosophy, African culture and Religion. A Chartered Accountant and Financial Analyst by profession, a freelance On-Air Personality. Quadri started poetry over nine years ago and since then has evolved due to his interest in contemporary African poets, the likes of Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, J.P Clark and the rest, he has several poems published online and his poems has caught the attention of several people who have low or no interest in poetry with his writing prowess. He is a mover and a dreamer.

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